LX5 Processing

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Re: LX5 Processing - Intelligent Resolution Effects?

I tried down-scaling the exposure-level in your (Large version) image, but matters do not improve.

The Shutter-Time = 1/640 Seconds.

I think that it is more than "mist" and "back-lighting". The trees (along the edge of the body of water) look really, really bad (to me).

Noticed that in a post on another thread that you stated that you were liking using "Intelligent Resolution" at the highest setting as a shooting technique.

My theory is that this image (as well as your previously posted image of the foliage in a previous thread) demonstrate how poorly the results can come out with foliage (and any other very finely detailed subjects) at a distance when using "IR" ...

Do you have any examples of performance this poor when you are sure that "IR" is completely disabled?

If it is the "IR" causing this I (personally) would never use it again (particularly with landscape shots involving fine foliage detail) ...

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