Trapped between Canon and UPS

Started Oct 28, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Trapped between Canon and UPS

This thread has nothing to do with photography directly but is related to Canon and is about a trap you might want to be aware of.

The mirror in my 5D (Mk1) fell off. According to Google search, this is a known problem if the camera is used in a hot and humid climate like where I live. Canon already acknowledge the mirror issue on their website and offer a free fix. Their Service Department provided me a UPS shipping label to send the camera back. Unfortunately, UPS did not ship the camera to Jamesburg, NJ where the service center is. They mistakenly shipped it to some place unrelated to Canon miles away instead.

I called UPS, they said that since Canon paid for the shipping, they would only communicate with Canon. I will need to call Canon on any progress in the recovery of the package.

I called Canon, they said since it was my camera; I needed to follow up with UPS myself. So, I am trapped in a black hole between Canon and UPS.

From my perspective as a loyal customer of Canon, the issue with the mirror is a product design defect similar to recalls from any car manufacturer. Canon sending me a UPS label is not just out of courtesy; it should be a commitment to ensure my camera’s safe arrival at their service center and it’s subsequent fix. In other words, they should take ownership once the camera is delivered to UPS under their account.

Today is the 5th day since the package was reported missing and in spite of many phone calls to both Canon and UPS, I have not heard anything definitive from either one of them. I was also told by UPS that Canon did not insure the camera. UPS’s liability would only be $100 if the package was indeed lost. It is very likely I will need to come up with $2599 for the Mk II.

The moral of my story is: “Make sure you insure your package even if shipping is paid for by Canon.”

Does anybody have similar experience and how was it resolved?


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