Does 24-70mm vignette @ 24mm with slim filter? (full frame)

Started Oct 27, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Does 24-70mm vignette @ 24mm with slim filter? (full frame)

dw73 wrote:

I have A900 with CZ2470 and the Sony CZ circular polarizer. I used to have a > B+W polarizer and it vignetted heavily... When I switched to the Sony CZ circular > polarizer I was pleasantly surprised how effectively this new polarizer fixed the > problem! I would recommend this combo, but I'm not sure how particular you > are about how much vignetting is vignetting. Here's an example of this combo:

When I first got the lens I tested a slim CPL to determine at what point vignetting was bothersome to my eye - at about 28mm and below the vignetting was noticeable (but that's a CPL). That said, I agree that different folks are tolerant to different levels of light fall off in the corners. I am probably less concerned than most; I want to avoid obvious vignetting caused by the edge of the filter and that is what I am referring to here.

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