What is the best "point and shoot" right now?

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Eugene Powers Forum Pro • Posts: 10,108
What is the best "point and shoot" right now?

I already had gazillion DSLRs and gazillion point and shoots but now I need a good one just to take places so I don't have to carry my 60 pound bag.
I just tried Samsung HZ50W and promptly returned it.
On paper it sounded very good and price was cheap but in reality it is a POS.

It has high ISO, RAW and WB etc.... but not at the same time. And anything above 80 ISO is very noisy. OK so what did I expect for $250 (at discount) but still my old Canon S3IS is better.

I already read through tests (shootouts) on this site (at least 2 of them) but still it did not give much useful info.

I would love to have clean, no noise pictures up to 400 ISO and bright lens with no more than F4 at the long end. 10-14MPs and at least 10x zoom starting at 24-26mm in 35mm terms.
Brand really does not matter as long as it uses SDHC or CF cards.

Please help.

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The only time a smaller sensor with the same pixel count is superior to a larger sensor (aka higher pixel density) is when you are focal-length limited.

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