Photoshop CS5 Hair Masking Problems Clarified

Started Oct 18, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Check out this (almost Instant Mask) Extraction

I use the same technique but something that isn't mentioned in that tut is how you can improve it further from the layer mask.

Sorry these are key strokes for a Mac, not sure what you PC folks use.

Option click on the layer mask, select the paint brush, set colours to default black and white(Command-X), set blend mode to Opacity and paint white on the mask to include hair, paint with black to exclude the background. Because blend mode is set to Opacity, don't worry about going over the masked edge. This technique will improve hair opacity.

All in all, I really like the Refine Edge command in CS5, fast and really effective. I own Topaz ReMask 2 which if it worked as advertised would be quite similar. However, for some known reason to Topaz and not the public, there is a bug which generates a 99.9% opaque mask. This creates a 0.1% transparency of the generated layer mask which allows some of the background to show through, most annoying and renders ReMask 2 useless IMO. They tell me this will be fixed in v3.0 but glad Adobe made something that worked and included it with PS.
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