Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

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Re: Any users of older Ricoh digicams? How old is old?

My R4 still works but it is grinding a bit - but it it has been to hell and back a few times and it surprises me just how rugged it has been. Guess it will die one day.

My GRD is pristine with just a nice wear patina on the grip but I cannot take my hands off my GRDIII long enough to caress it as much as it deserves. The GX100 is also in good condition and always re-surprises me on its direct competence every time I pull it out of semi-retirement. The GXR with P10 will be respected for a long time for what it is - an ultimate travel-cam.

So Ricoh, niche manufacturer, never seems to ever completely obsolete a model. There is always something that is left charming in an older model that means it is not forgotten. Nothing fully replaced the R4 fully nor the original GRD. Simple straight forward competent get it done. The current models are sohisticated complicated get it done and have their own winning charms.

Further back I know nothing.

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