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Re: AikiPhoto (Yake) Studio System

I bought 3 AikiPhoto P600 flashes six months ago and when I received them two were delivered okay or at least I thought, the third one was busted on both the front white metal (type of metal, not the color) mounting ring and the back white metal control panel.

This metal they use on the front reflector/softbox mounting ring is so cheap, if you hang a large softbox off this flash, it is going to break the mount on the front of your flash unit. The metal is the cheapest metal possible, it has no strength whatsoever relative to aluminum or steel.

When I received the broken flash, UPS replaced it and oddly, let me keep the broken one. I rebuilt the broken one and now I have four.

BUT, I found that TWO out of the FOUR flashes had really poor assembly. The circuit board inside the flashes slide in between two rails. The only thing that stops these ciircuit boards from sliding forward or backward when you tilt the flash heads up or down is a screw that goes through the rails locking the circuit board in place. In TWO OF THE FOUR FLASHES, these screws were missing and the boards slide forward and backward FREELY This can be dangerous if they cause a short, the capacitor could ground out against the aluminum housing and case an electrocution if you touch it when it fires.

Rather than send them back, waiting forever and hoping they did it right, I took my flashes apart and made sure ALL FOUR FLASHES were secured and assembled as they should have been at the factory.

They light well, they seem to work NOW, NOW, NOW, but there cannot be any quality control at the factor for me to get TWO OUT OF FOUR that had flree floating circuit boards inside. POOR QUALITY CONTROL IF ANY, but now that I have REASSEMBLED them as they should have been, they seem to work FINE!!.

If you tilt your flashes forward and backwards and you hear a sliding thump... your circuit board is sliding flreely in the rail and that can be dangerous, maybe very dangerous. not to mention it will fry the unit at some point when it shorts out.



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