450D Shutter Crash with sensor damage - after 37000 shots

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450D Shutter Crash with sensor damage - after 37000 shots


is just a facts statement about low reliability of 450D.

After 2 years and just 37000 shots (36.936), while I was shutting in continuous mode (but less then 10 images) the camera stop working and show "error 99" message on the display.

"Error 99" is a kind of general error of the camera, caused by dirty lens contacts, SD card, etc. After I clean the lens and camera contacts, I take out the SD card and the battery, the error was still there.

There was nothing I can do by myself. I suppose that the shutter is dead and I sent the camera to Canon for service.

Canon call me, they confirm me that the shutter is broken and need to be replace. This cost (in Romania) about 160$ and transport fee. I agreed to pay and I have the camera back in 5 days. But....

With the camera came a note from Canon Service which inform me that the sensor was damaged by the curtain broken shutter, so that in the right side of the image will be visible a shadow pattern, for the aperture in the range: 7.1-22.

I call back Canon Service to ask if the sensor damage will grow up or will remain the same. They say that the damage is permanent but will not grow up, but if I will clean the sensor with any substance, this will go under the anti-reflex layer which is damaged and the defect area will increase.

I ask what is the life span for a 450D shutter and the answer was: "For EOS the medium is about 50.000 shots, but some can last even about 100.000 shots". They confirm me that the new EOS models have the same shutter and the shutter is a consumable.

In this case, I think that it is on purpose limitation to oblige you to buy the more expensive class of camera, because those shutter are lasting more than 100.000 shots.

This is my sad experience with 450D

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