From 350d to 60d - my report + comparison (Many Pics)

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From 350d to 60d - my report + comparison (Many Pics)

I have had the 350d for 5 years, and I figured I was worth an upgrade. I have been very happy with the 350d, and I have used it with the sigma 18-50 2.8, tamron 17-50, tamron 28-75, canon 50mm 1.8 and for the last few years, the 17-55.

I didnt really upgrade for lack of picture quality (the 350d still rocks), but for nicer grip, bigger viewfinder and other bells and whistles. The articulating scren of the 60d would come in handy for studio work too, I figured.

As for handling, the 60d is a big step up - nicer to hold, balances better with my 17-55, and the speed and better menu system is nice too. Oh, and the LCD, wow.

I have not found any serious flaws on the 60d so far - it is exceptionally fun to use, and has much better feel than the d7000, which I have tried and used some. One stupid thing though is that they put the movie mode all the way around on the mode wheel, which I suppose I can get used too, but you do get a feeling it was placed there to annoy you. Oh, Canon - you trolls, you.

Over to Image quality though - being somewhat of a pixel peeper due to the fact that I need to zoom in and look at detail a lot in my work - I had to compare it to the 350d, to see what the fuss over "per pixel sharpness" was all about.
So I did. Here are my findings, please follow me along this way...., here's the setup. Using the 50mm 1.8 at f8. The picture below is at iso 400. As expected, no big difference at a distance, except that one might notice the well known slight excaggeration of the red channel in the 350d. (350d top, 60d below)

...Mind the step, let's look closer. Below are both scenes (RAW) at 100% in DPP. All settings to zero, so no sharpening at all. Here we see that at 100% without sharpening the 350d appears to have more pixel sharpness. But we can attribute that to the equal of looking at the 60d picture at a further distance, so to speak... let's add a shapening level of 6 below. Things are beginning to equal out, and the 60d retains its resolution advantage.....(By the way, those 'stripes' are not banding, but due to my stupid idea to use a DLP projector as lightsource, I corrected that in the crops further down)

Now I'll bring the pics as TIF into photoshop, add a bit of USM, and Voilá.

To be fair to the 350d, let's downsize the 60d to 350d resolution(8MP):

Don't look so grumpy, old rebel, I'll give you a push of sharpening again back in DPP, you are looking fine:

...although the 350d does not respond as well to sharpening due to fewer pixels to work with, notice the haloing effect in the text below....

...both are looking fine.....

We'll set the sharpness to zero again. Is the 350d percieved as sharper? May well be.

..but this is in RAW, and the 60d has a lot more detail to work with....

Now let's look at the same picture, but as the corresponding JPG straight out of the camera. (default settings, to see what the cameras produce by someone not interested in raw) Below, the 60d is downsampled to 8MP, but still has more detail.

So, how do they look at higher ISO straight out of the camera? 800 below.

Same picture, but the 60d downsampled to match the 8MP rebel:

OK, so now look back in DPP how the RAW files answer to noise reduction. Below are both cams at ISO 1600, no noise reduction at all:

...a little bit of luma reduction goes a long way, and we may notice that DPP does wonders for the 350d as well....

OK, so now the JPG's again, below are 100% crops at ISO 1600:

And again, the 60d at 8MP.....

Another crop from a different part of the picture. No, I checked focus - the 350d is probably losing detail due to inferior in-camera noise reduction.

Let's try ISO 3200 on the 60d vs 1600 on 350d. wow.

So.....ISO 6400 on the 60d looks about the same as the 350d at ISO 1600. oh.

I'll try to answer questions you might have.
Well, hope you enjoyed the look, cheers.

tl;dr: the 60d is great.

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