G11 shutter delay

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I DON'T agree that MFT cameras have solved the shutter lag problem

mikeval wrote:

"I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to enjoy taking pics again, I would have to consider DSLRs, but they were elephantine, so I eventually settled for m4/3, and I'm relieved to have escaped from the world of delayed action, too-late cameras, such as all current digital P&Ss."

Olon wrote:

"Are MFT cameras (e.g. G2) currently the cheapest option (in the digital world) to achieve the same sense of response as old enthusiast SLRs or is this still too much to ask? I'm not talking about specification-based response but the hands-on, everyday sense."

Both of you speak of the MFT format as if Panasonic/Olympus had indeed stumbled upon the Holy Grail of drastically reduced shutter lag times. I must beg to differ. I shoot newspaper photojournalism on an almost daily basis with 2 G1s and a GF1, and if I may be allowed to express my opinion: In terms of pre-focus shutter lag times, both of these Panny G-series bodies do represent an improvement over most large-sensor P&S cameras like the LX3 or the Canon G series, but they still come up short in comparison with even an entry-level DSLR like my Canon Xs. Both Pannys increase somewhat your chances of capturing that elusive expression in a portrait, or the quick thrust of a speaker's hand when he's driving home a point from the lectern, or the highest point of a ballerina's jeteé, but make no mistake: MFT still has a way to go before I'll concede that the G-series Panasonics have equalled the action-capturing capabilities of my Xs or Xti Rebels. I've also read reports that the Panasonic LX5 is considerably improved over the LX3 in this regard, and there's some hope that the forthcoming Fuji Finepix X100 will raise the bar for non-DSLR shutter lag times. Only time and lots of hands-on testing will tell.

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