Nikon D3100 or Panasonic GH2

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you're right about video

Daiken wrote:

So, my main worry about the d3100 is the size, and crappy video. My main concern with the GH2 is the lack of lenses. I don't know how happy the kit lens + 20mm will keep me.

You're not so "newbie", you seem better informed than most people.

Indeed, the video on the DSLR cameras is still in its infancy. That's why I still use a "classic" HD camcorder for video. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the GH2 reviews when the final version of that camera becomes available (real soon now). I really hope this is the camera that will finally allow me to put the HD camcorder on eBay.

Lenses: I've a G1 and the same selection of lenses that you mentioned - the 14-45 zoom and the 20mm prime. Frankly, these cover all bases for me; the prime lens is used indoors, or outdoors after sunset; the zoom is used outdoors from sunrise to sunset. I've no complaints. Do I want a longer zoom? Kind of. Do I actually need one? Not really, to be honest.

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