Mountains in Bulgaria (Rila), many pics

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Mountains in Bulgaria (Rila), many pics

This weekend, I've received invitation for a mountain journey from a friend of mine, and what a journey this was...

We leaved Sofia (capital of Bulgaria), around midnight. Everything happened in the last minute - preparation of the luggage and the whole arrangement. We packed quickly and jumped into the car. We didn't have any problems on the road (around 100km), accept that two or three times we almost crashed into wild foxes. Now is their season to gather food for winter and are really active. Because the road near the mountain is in really bad condition, we travel much more, than it should. We arrived at the hut in the base of the mountain around 2:30am, then we start to walk in the darkness (it was full moon, and for that time of the "day" it was really light) with end destination second terrace, before the peak Maliovica. We are wearing flashlights and marked our way it them. It was very extreme climbing across very steep terrain, flowing rivers, stone rivers, and narrow rocky tracks. Only the peak was glowing (covered in frost) far ahead, reminding us of our destination. The ground was freezed and hard, and the ice and frost was making crunching sound beneath our feet. It was unique experience to see the same path that I was seen before only 3-4 months, but now nighttime. Around 5am, we arrived at the second terrace, and there we set our camp. We pitched our tents. The remaining night (or more correctly said "the morning" :)), we were in our tents taking a nap. Outside was blowing serious wind and in the morning it start getting stronger. Our poor tent was bend by it. Around 10am, we were awake and almost all day we were lazy. As the evening approached we started packing our things and we were getting prepared to attack the peak as we wanted to shoot sunset from the top. It was two hours climb from second terrace. The route was very rough, with lots of ice and snow on the rocks. The temperatures dropped, and the wind was getting stronger. Around 6pm we were almost at the top and stopped for a while to shoot the sunset. The view from the top is really unique, unbelievable relief and light. My heart was beating hard. After one hour we started to descent. And then I saw it. The huge orange moon was rising from the peaks. The last left sunshine reflected from the clouds was glowing slightly on the slopes of the mountain. I couldn't resist. I had to take the shot. Then I continue my descending. It was really hard. It was very cold, ice everywhere and I descent very slowly, because I was afraid the I might fall and break something. The darkness consumed all of the vista. After two hours of descending we've reached our base-camp and from there continue the descend till we've reached the car. From this moment on, there was really no interesting story to tell.

Please excuse my english. It is not my native language and it is possible that I've made quite a few mistakes.

And now lets show you some pictures :):

The vista just bellow the peak:

Rila monastery as seen from the peak. It is very distant:

The golden moment:

And that moonshot:

And in the end, two more from our previous journey:

I hope you enjoyed watching them, as much as I enjoyed making them!
Any C&C is welcome of course.
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Flat view
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