Selling a Canon 5DII for a Leica M8/8.2

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Re: might want to try one or two ...

Benna78 wrote:

Hello, I'm a canon user, I have a 5DII, and a bunch of lenses (L and non L), plus a cheap canon film body. Actually, I'm very satisfied wih the 5DII and the lens quality, but it's quite a bit I have like a itch for Leica and rangefinder system. Why? Because when I travel I like to take with me a lot of lenses, zooms, wide and long, good for 100% of shots (street, landscapes), but even 2 or 3 L zooms plus the body plus a flash....well my bag weighs like it was full of bricks, and in the end it's not so practical and not so discreet (especially when you have a white L zoom on your camera). I know with a Leica I would give up some flexibility (no zooms), but in the end lens lineup is very complete (from 21 to 135), and I don't need macro and I don't do sports or wildlife, so I'm ok with a rangefinder system. I know what it means. Actually I've never tried a Leica M, but I should be OK with it. Of course I'd prefer the M9 (full frame, better high ISO, and above all no crop factor), but to be honest the price it's a bit too much for an amateur, also considering I have to buy 2-3 lenses as well. The M8 sells second hand for about 2000 euros here (not really a bargain, but better than 5500 for a new M9), and with a careful choice of lenses (for ex the 28 f2.8 IV version, the 50 f2 pre asph and a 90 f2 pre asph) I could afford it (selling my canon equipment). Now, would you sell a reflex system for a M8?

"I've never tried a Leica M"

You really might want to do that - before you do anything.

Considering a move of this magnitude without "carnal knowledge" is a real crap shoot (at best) - that ultimately could prove very costly.

If you do try & decide to take the leap - a M9 & either a 35mm or 50mm f2.0 cron (focal length - your preference) would be my suggested entry point. One of the best features of M's (& Med Format) over an SLR - is it's much easier to keep LAS (lens acquisition syndrome) at bay. Commit to only Leica glass - & the investment required (& results obtained) will assist you in making sure that any future lens acquisions - are good ones.

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