550ex question on remote operation

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Re: 550ex question on remote operation
  • 550EX can be a master or a slave.

  • 420EX can only be a slave in multi-flash operation trigerred by IR beam only that, there should be no block betwee the slave sensor and the master IR emitter.

  • Sigma 500 super can be a master or salve, and can be trigerred by IR or optical flash in multi-flash operation. However canon's e-ttl pre-flash castes confusion to the sigma.

Also, sigma is putting out two modified models very soon. take a look at their site.

hope this help

Mikedit wrote:

I did a search but did not find anything, my question is can the
550ex be triggered remotely with the on board flash or do you have
the use the ST-E2 or another flash to accomplish this???

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