Epson 3880 verses 4880

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Re: Epson 3880 vs. 4880 vs 4900

Tom Monego wrote:

Both do an excellent job with minimal reported clogging, both have the Epson teflon heads.

No roll paper

smaller cartridges so ink costs more, about $.60-$.70 per ml for Epson ink.

small cost for switching between photo an matte blacks, about $4 for the switch


100ml or 220ml carts means lower ink costs, about $.45 for ink with the 220ml carts, little more for the 110ml

roll paper, does save $ especially if you do many different size prints, I use roll paper exclusively on my printer (a Canon iPF5000 for reason of the next item)

Switching between photo black and matte black ink costs about $65 with this printer, as it dumps all the ink (all colors) in the lines and refills them with a black ink change.

If you are going to print on one type of paper, photo or matte, this is the printer, I find myself printing mostly photo papers now because of the high end baryta papers.


May be THE print but will be expensive at the start, wait a year for this printer.

Canon iPF 5100

Also a printer to look at, in the same class as the 4900 and does beautiful prints. really worth a look. Right now the 4900 probably has a better inkset but will be almost twice the price. If Canon moves their x300 inkset to 17 inch, then it is a toss up. The 5100 and the 4880 are a toss up in the ink set.


Last year I bought a 2880 (when it was still more expensive than it is now....).

I am very happy with the results but err, I want more.... I mean, A3 on the wall looks , err not big enough....

Now I am in doubt, serious doubt.

Should I upgrade??? I can get the 3880 now forabout € 200 more than I bought the 2880 for...

inkwise it would be a major cost reduction, as it would probably save me about € 500,00 a year.... (based on my current A4/A3 printing)

If you look at the ink prices, why not the 4880??? Ofcourse I loose more money switching inks (which I'd rarely do, never switched to matte on my 2880 but that may be different) but the cartridges are about 30% bigger and prices is 0-10% more expensive so even with the added loss, 4880 is cheaper in ink.
However, if you have an A2 printer you wil print larger.... thus use more ink

Or the new 4900???? It will be more expensive but I have a hunch that it won't be too expensive OR that the 4880 will drop in price as that would make the 4880 more attractive than the4900

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