Dear DPreview either your lens reviews are wrong...

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Re: Dear DPreview either your lens reviews are wrong...

This is a serious site owned by a serious investor (Amazon).

I ask some questions about the integrity of their tests that influence purchasing decisions of many people.

If there is something factually wrong with my inquieries it is very easy to point out.

Why Nyquist lines in the resolution charts disappeared, where should they be, and why lp/ph were changed to lw/ph? Why Imatest references disappeared? Why resolution tests of camera bodies differ significantly from those of lenses?
Is it really so difficult to answer?

Thank you in advance. Not looking for attention, this is the last question I have about that.

Scales USA wrote:

So you go around referring to ignored posts you made in another forum by adding links to them. Wanting attention? If you have a question, use the contact DPR link.

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