D7000 vs 60D - VIDEO ONLY

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D7000 vs 60D - VIDEO ONLY

HI Guys,

Been busy shooting video on the 550d for a few months now - I'm sold on HD dslr video.. Im now getting ready to get the rest of the team onboard and shelf our real video cameras.. that means i'm looking to outfit my team with six rigs.. but which rig?

I've been using the 550d for months - but only real beef with video is the thing over heats in 40deg sunshine within 20mins, thats one 12min clip and ten mins into another I get the flashin temp icon.. even late at night it'll overheat within a 40-45min range sometimes.. its just not good enough.. I like the cost/weight factor on these things, we can hang one anywhere - if it gets smashed, no biggie

now the d7000 and 60d is out for a few coins more now and nikon has the 1080 at 24, its now a contender for our coins..

so.. d7000 kinda works in my fav as i have bags of glass for it, but big deal, I have glass for both mounts, no biggie. just more on the nikon f-mount but have adapters on my 550d for f-mount glass..

  • 60d - we are used to the 550d and expect the exact same qual apart from the overheating thing.. bonus has a flip out monitor which will be handy to use on low and high shots. we don't even care for 720 60p - ( personally I do like to twixtor- but for the team we don't use that res )

  • d7000 - haven't seen enough of the video clips apart from some guy spray painting on the side of a van late at night.. looks fine at high iso..( on the web ) i need to see it on the big screen first and no idea what daylight looks like yet.. pluses for it are the longer recording times, but does that come in with problems in editing?? is it all ubber compressed ? , 20mins in 2-3gb files? mmm how? what gives there? lower m/bits etc .. so whats the straight from d7000 video like to edit, ? the lower m/bit rate is of a concern for me.. our single clips really are no longer then a few seconds here and there really, but with six / seven rigs at different possys we will be able to run and gun with less stopping to move the POV etc.. we plan to just shoot all POVs at the same time and give our poor editors more mess on the editing room floor.

now Im only interested in VIDEO, and don't tell me to get a real video rig, we got those.. we are now going to move into using these HD DSLR things now for most jobs, and yes they run circles around our normal video gear for low light work, DOF, clarity, DR range, looks etc etc..

and I've got d3 and d3X for stills, I don't care about stills on either body, or focus, or sound, or anything like that.. just the pure video feed..

Which one is the best bet for video only?

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