G11 shutter delay

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Re: G11 shutter delay

pcunite wrote:

I just want to press the shutter button and expect the camera to take the picture. Is that to much to ask?

Nowadays, with digital cameras, it probably is too much to ask - but you'd need to check with a few top technicians to get an accurate answer.

I do know that all my old film cameras are instant. It doesn't matter who the manufacturer is, or what the quality is. I've got/had Agfa, Kodak, Zenit, Practica, Minolta, Asahi Pentax, Nikon and Canon film cameras and they all took pictures in the same instant that you pressed the shutter. I grew up with that and assumed that all cameras were like that until I bought my first digital camera.

I thought there was something wrong with it (because of the lag) and tried to return it. Imagine my shock when I eventually learnt that all non-DSLR digital cameras have that lag.

AAhhhhh, I must be having some form of Kafkan nightmare. What? You mean that modern cameras can't take an instant shot ? You mean that some of those almost worthless, dusty old cameras in that cupboard take a picture quicker than ANY modern P&S digital?

Errr, sorry to tell you, but yes.

It almost led me to giving up photography. I found it horrendously frustrating and demotivating not being able to catch a precise moment. I really got to the point of wondering what the bloody use was in having a camera that didn't work until it had thought things over for what appeared to be weeks. Forgive my exaggeration, but I mean, a miss is as good as a mile. If you miss it by nought point something of a second, you still miss it. There's no consolation knowing you only just missed it!

I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to enjoy taking pics again, I would have to consider DSLRs, but they were elephantine, so I eventually settled for m4/3, and I'm relieved to have escaped from the world of delayed action, too-late cameras, such as all current digital P&Ss.

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