G11 shutter delay

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Re: G11 shutter delay

Gadget wrote:

I have been holding out purchasing a compact camera due to that " shutter lag" or focus lag or processing lag... The camera needs to be made to shoot and process faster...similar to dslr.

I feel very strongly about this as well.

I want a camera for personal use that can be with me all the time. G12 sized but with an APS-C sensor. I don't care about megapixels, LCD flip out screens, portrait modes, anti-shake tech, movie feature, multiple AF points, or even a zoom lens.

I just want to press the shutter button and expect the camera to take the picture. Is that to much to ask? Give me manual controls, one center AF point, and I'll do the rest. The Fujifilm FinePix X100 appears to have all of this. If the shutter lag (auto focus AF speed) is quick I'll buy two of them.

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