Macro lens for D7000

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Re: Macro lens for D7000

I have Sigma 150 and 70 and they are sharpest lenses I have by far. the SlrGear tests are completely correct. Since this is the sensor from Nikon with highest pixel density, You'll need all You can get from the lens.

On D90, both lenses are tack sharp from f2.8 to f11, f16 is showing just a tad softer on 100%, but really You'll have to search to find the differences.

And yes, all macro are sharp, but the decision is up to you for the purpose.

I shoot 150 outside for bugs, for short tele/tele with extender, and inside for water drops or in studio for tighter portrait/detail shots
I shoot 70 for product, studio outside wider portaits, object photography.

It you plan just one, maybe tamron 90/sigma 105/tokina 100 is the best choice.

I had nikon 60 mm AF-S, and have shot with 105 VR, but to be honest, I do not see the difference, especially 105. 60 is more 3D lens, has something in the looks, but sigma 70 is every bit as good, since 3D look is mostly made with light.

I found a good deal on 70, for just 200 euro, 3 months used in perfect condition, and I saw no reason to keep the 60, quality wise.

Sigma 70 and 150 are all metal build, very solid, and even feel more solid than Nikon 60/105 with the plastic finish.

Sigma 70 comes with screw in hood, which doubles as step up ring 62-77mm, so it came handy with polarizer I have (77mm).

Sigma 150 is great with extender, the quality loss is minimal, and seen only on f4, but no problem on prints. Comes with great tripod collar, great for tripod work.

So, it all comes to intended use, money, preference, and little bit of snobbish personality when people make the decision.

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