Why Oly did an excellent job with the E5

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Re: I think you may have touched on it earlier...

Big Ga wrote:

Brent Lossing wrote:

remember when you were just starting

I remember when I was first starting, and I remember last weeks wedding, and I remember all the hundreds in-between. I still want a camera that gives the perception of being bigger and better than the average guests one, and I can assure you that it has nothing to do with being 'insecure' and everything to do with client and crowd perception.

There is a time and place for having a small discrete camera, and there is a time and place where your life is made easier by having the biggest, baddest f.off camera there is in the whole place. Insecurity doesn't come into it and I resent the implication.

I said "Some professionals..." is that you?

My mother used to have a saying "if the shoe fits wear it - if not don't try and put it on." Get it off your foot and do not try and make me feel guilty cause you put it on.

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