Nikon D7000 Low-Light/High-ISO Test: How Sensitive Can You Get?

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Nikon D7000 Low-Light/High-ISO Test: How Sensitive Can You Get?

Since the introduction of the Nikon D7000, there has been a lot of debate and discussion regarding the low-light/high-ISO performance of this brand new 16.1MP sensor.

I decided to take a page from Zacuto's "The Great Camera Shootout 2010: Webisode 2 - How Sensitive Can You Get?"

and do my own testing.

Because there is not a lot of technical lab data available yet for this sensor, I decided to use ISO 160 as the optimum ISO to match the ISO settings used in Zacuto's video. This may or may not be determined to be the optimum ISO when there is more technical lab data available.

I used an AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G DX Lens.

The candle was placed exactly one foot from the front of the Zyrtec bottle.

The distance from the camera to the Zyrtec bottle was exactly two feet.

I used the logo on the front of the Zyrtec bottle as the single focus point.

(This is not a commercial for Zyrtec.)

The JPEG files were taken straight out of the camera. For each image/ISO setting, I grabbed a 200px square from the single focus point at the exact center of the frame (at 100% size) and superimposed that on a the original image, which was resized to 700px in Photoshop CS5. The final JPEG was saved in Photoshop CS5 at level 8.

Videos are hopefully soon to come.

Image quality: JPEG fine
Image size: Large (4928x3264; 16.1M)
JPEG compression: Optimal quality
White balance: 3,000 K
Picture Control: Standard (Sharpening: 3)
Auto distortion control: ON
Color space: sRGB
Active D-Lighting: OFF
AF mode: center-point
Metering mode: Center-weighted area (8mm)

Please be sure to view the image at Original size.

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