E5 vs other cameras - Studio test shots.

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E5 vs other cameras - Studio test shots.

This site does simple camera reviews and a standard studio shot.


There are many equivalence threads from Nikon and Canon owners explaining the limits of 4/3rds cameras when it comes to depth of field.

The flip side of that is that when you want some depth of field you need to stop down a 4/3rd camera 1 stop less than a crop camera and 2 stops less than a FF camera.

To keep the same shutter speed you need to shoot a crop camera at 1 stop higher iso and a full frame camera at 2 stops higher iso speed.

To compare equivalent high Iso pictures you need to look at:

olympus E5 at a given iso speed (for example iso 800):

A crop camera at one stop higher (iso 1600):

http://gallery.photographyreview.com/showgallery.php?mcats=518&si=&what=allfields&name=&when=0&whenterm=&condition=and&crproducts=409329:Nikon+D300 |

A FF camera at 2 stops higher (iso 3200):



I think the E5 does really well.

for comparison this is the other Olympus DSLRs:


http://gallery.photographyreview.com/showgallery.php?mcats=518&si=&what=allfields&name=&when=0&whenterm=&condition=and&crproducts=410541:Olympus+E-3+ |


http://gallery.photographyreview.com/showgallery.php?mcats=518&si=&what=allfields&name=&when=0&whenterm=&condition=and&crproducts=439417:Olympus+E-620 |


http://gallery.photographyreview.com/showgallery.php?mcats=518&si=&what=allfields&name=&when=0&whenterm=&condition=and&crproducts=428820:Olympus+E-30 |


http://gallery.photographyreview.com/showgallery.php?mcats=518&si=&what=allfields&name=&when=0&whenterm=&condition=and&crproducts=418674:Olympus+E-520 |

Add in the advantages of in body IS of all lenses and the E-5 looks really good. I have the PL25mm f1.4. A usable iso 1600 / clean iso 800 and in-body IS will be very useful.

IS does not help will all subjects but is is useful. If it wasn't Canon and Nikon would not use it on their high end lenses.

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