Wndows 7 activation?

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Re: yes, just did that, 2 weeks ago

Great-- thanks much for the detailed information.

Since the older computer came w/ XP originally, it seems I should be able to use that XP OEM disc to do a reinstallation of XP and choose to format the HD.

Always helpful to hear directly from someone who's been there/done that!


dmartin92 wrote:

Timzee wrote:

Any way to legally return to XP on the old machine and install Win 7 on the newer one?

For the XP part, I don't know. Maybe you could put Ubuntu (Linux) on the old machine ?

But for the new machine, if you have a store bought copy of Windows 7, you can put it on a different machine.

It will install fine, and run fine for 30 days, with no activation. So that will give you some time to make sure all is well on your new machine, running Windows 7.

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