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Re: rosy tinted glass on hand

You need to take of your very dark brown and gloomy glasses...

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Franka T.L. wrote:

One had to realize Mirrorless itself is not exactly new technology that need loads of R&D ( its the integration part ) and others had more might and can easily do it. What Oly might gain in their haedstart is not looking exactly easy to keep, especially if we are going to see Nikon and Canon pitching in within the next 12 months. And Olympus disadvantage still lies with its inability to field a decent sensor.

  • Franka -

Agree with you 100%. What "advantage" has Oly gained via their years long head start in mirrorless? Catching up to Panny in terms of AF? Panny has segment leading video implementation in their GH line. They have the best quality lenses (though like Oly, none really that fast). They have two different form factors in the compact shaped GF series and the more substantial G and GH series. What does Oly have? The Pens- that's it. And a Pen-like camera is likely the first offering Canon and Nikon will come out with. The first mirrorless camera Canon or Nikon makes will have matched everything Oly has done in the segment to this point!

It just seems to me Oly is outgunned and is never going to be able to compete. They made a mistake trying to push the 4/3 standard in the first place. It stretched them too thin. They built a pretty impressive lens line up, and they had the weather sealing, but their bodies and internals were always lacking in some way compared to the competition. With m4/3 they have the opposite problem. Lenses that suck but with nice bodies on the Pen line. And seemingly no money to work on a second form factor.

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