24-70 vs Tamron 28-75

Started Oct 11, 2010 | Discussions thread
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warning tamarons appear to be held together with chewing gum

I posted on this thread my 20cents worth previously and agree the tammy is good value for money but as of today a 2nd tamaron 28-75

has died because of a very slight drop!!! maybe 1 foot in a pouch onto carpet!!!!!
It now is totally soft out of focus

My first one met a similar fate and was replaced by the distributor for free, I am not kidding they are FRAGILE or its just bad luck , but my local service guy made the chewing gum comment ! He doubts its worth fixing
I know they are not designed to be dropped but it was a very slight knock

I am generally careful with my gear . And have dropped the odd nikkor on to a variety of surfaces and they have survived. (so far)

I did once drop an RB67 50mm lens on to concrete from a tall tripod and it wasn't pretty

getting totally side tracked, I used to work for a guy that dropped a 5x4 view camera from a tall CBD building, he was lucky it did hit any one on the crowded footpath below

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