Is Ken Rockwell the only lens reviewer?

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Re: Just as I thought.

You are welcome to your opinion of course.

cmo56 wrote:

I agree with what you said about Ken and Thom.
They have a very different approach and thus have a very different public.

The photo gear fanatic likes pixel level comparison and loves seeing "scientific comparisons", brickwall photos and feature by feature comparisons. Quantitative comparisons versus qualitative ones. To say 3 is more than 2 is safer, who can argue that.

On the other hand to say I like A better than B, or A is more practical or confortable than B is much more difficult. It requires real life experience and much more knowledge.

I really like KR due to his approach to the public who really enjoys photography. He is concerned about balancing real features that are useful on the field. He talks about carrying less equipment, price, usability, availability with your needs on the field. That is what interests me.

KR uses a tongue-in-the-cheek language too much often but on the other side, he is sincere and shows a deep knowledge and experience on real life situations.

Thom's site looks a compilation of a die-hard internet photo user that has never done serious photography in his life. I actually gave up visiting his site many years ago.

Those last two statements are the exact opposite of being true. Thom has been a professional for many years shooting for many well known publications and runs photography classes and expeditions. Ken has never shown a single tear sheet AFAIK. Ken is the less experienced of the two by far. He spends his time catering to his audience, like Thom. To each his own.

That doesn't mean that you are supposed to like them any more or less, I just wanted to correct your stated facts.

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