Canon issue a new firmware for Canon 7D now!

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Canon issue a new firmware for Canon 7D now!

Canon 7D is an extremely capable camera both for photographs and video.
(as so may other cameras like the Canon 5D ii and the recent Nikon D7000)
But the Canon 7D has some distinctive features that set it apart and make it
especially suitable for video (even if video produced by the 5D ii is superior):

  • Two Digic Processors (instead of one that 5D ii has)

  • The sensor size allows the use of 35mm cine lenses

(not possible for full frame cameras like the 5D ii)

  • and a better implemented video recording feature

(in relation to the 5D where is feels like an addon)

there are multiple other features that are unique to the 7D of course...

As a 7D owner I feel that Canon is stalling the release of its new firmware
that may make use of the full processing power of the 7D and that would
set it apart from the Canon 5D ii and other DSLRs or Hybrid video cameras.

Furthermore, some very useful features, like sound level manual adjustment
and recording level bars were implemented in other models (the Canon 60D)
leaving the Canon 7D owners lacking these important film-making tools.

Tools as:

  • Manual recording level and monitoring bars

  • Focus confirmation color peaking

  • Overexposure zebra coloring

  • ... (and many more)

I thought that the release of cameras like the 60D & 550D from Canon, but
also the release of the Nikon D7000 and Panasonic GH2 would actually force
Canon to release such a firmware almost immediately.

On the contrary Canon seems to be scouting the market place and deciding
to delay such a release that might harm sales of other Canon models, leaving
in the meanwhile Canon 7D owners 'high and dry'.

If this wasn't enough added security on the current Canon 7D firmware does
not allow creative independent teams to tweak the firmware, to give to the
owners of the Canon 7D the extra creative possibility that the camera has...

The Canon 7D is an extremely capable camera, but would it not be shameful
if part of that creative possibility is purposely deprived of its owners?

Canon 7D owners,
please start pressuring Canon for a major Firmware update NOW!

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