SD15 vs. 5D2

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Re: SD15 vs. 5D2

DaSigmaGuy wrote:

RedValley wrote:

Ok, just a quick exercise:

  • suppose we have one Bayer and one Foveon sensors with same phisical dimensions;

  • let's say the Bayer has 4 times the resolution of Foveon (18.8 vs 4.7 Mpixels)

  • finally, we frame the same subject identically (same FOV)

Now, how could one Foveon pixel hold the same information as 4 Bayer pixels? (each Foveon pixel occupies an area corresponding to a cell of 2x2=4 Bayer pixels)

Your forgetting that it takes four Bayer "pixels", more usually called photosites or more accuratly photodiodes, to make one Bayer colour pixel. (2x green, 1x red and 1x blue)..So divide that 18.8mp by a factor of four and you get 4.7mp of real colour resolution...Exactly what you get from a 4.7mp Foveon sensor.

Just for the record,

each photosite in a Bayer sensor corresponds to a pixel in the image; the spatial location is the same, only the color of that pixel (12 bit maybe?) is interpolated.

Or better stated: " using information surrounding the location of a pixel to help recover the colour but once collected that info is rendered at a single point"
(thanks DMillier!)

Anyway, I'm aware that this has been discussed for centuries, and probably will continue as long as the two technologies will coexist. In the end, what matters is to enjoy the images captured by our different sensors.

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