D90 that much heavier than D3100?

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Re: D90 that much heavier than D3100?

While some like the flexibility of a body and the 18-200mm (or 18-105mm) lens as their walkaround camera, The 3100 gives you the lightest option and significant better low light/walk around capability with the 35mm 1.8 lens.....which I much prefer because I take pictures down alleys, inside dark doorways, inside churches. I find that the f1.8 gives me more flexibility to get better pictures in all types of light than using a zoom...yes, sometimes I have to actually use my feet instead of twisting a xoom ring :). Ignoring depth of field, I can always crop to create a zoom effect, given the starting point is 14meg pixels...and I don't print larger than 8x10.....in fact I usually wind up with pictures on the web so crop zooming works just fine.

Consider how much you will use the features of the D90....and remember that from a resale value, it is now an old body vs the 3100/7000. Invest in lenses, not in a body that has features you really won't use..(or buy the D90 for features that YOU care about...not what some reviewer says is wonderful).

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