D90 that much heavier than D3100?

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Re: D90 that much heavier than D3100?

What the heck. Pick up a new Pentax K-r at 19.2 oz. Splits the difference between 3100 and D90 and gets you back into Pentax mode!

More seriously, I'd think about their use as photographer's tools rather than the six ounces. I suspect one will fit and support your creative goals better than the other. The only real barrier in weight is that it's so bad that you leave the camera behind. I hope that, for you, neither the D3100 or D90 are in that range.

You may find that a different/better strap has far more to do with comfort than a few ounces of body weight. Or that balance with the proposed lenses is more important than raw weight.

And I'd be a great deal more concerned about ergonomics and "feel". Sometimes a heavier hammer is more comfortable in the long run if it's the right size and shape for your hand and the work you're doing.

Me? I'm waiting for the K-5 kit with the weather-resistant 18-135. Life is still good in Pentax land ....

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