D90 that much heavier than D3100?

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Re: D90 that much heavier than D3100?

I just went from the D90 to the D7000. But I also had the D3100, while I waited for the D7000 to arrive.

The key here is the lens. The 18-105VR is a fairly light lens, yet it does have a sense of bulk to it. The D3100 with the 18-105, did NOT feel much smaller or lighter to me. I slent all day with the D7000 yesterday, and whatever it is, you get used to it.
OTOH, the D3100 with kit lens feels MUCH smaller.

If you're torn between the cameras, you may consider picking up a D5000. It's a very nice camera, and it's a little smaller than the D90. yet a little bigger than the D3100. Sort of a compromise.

KTamas wrote:

Still hesitating between the D90 and the D3100 with the same 18-105mm lens. I was told not to go for the D90 if I do not want to carry extra weight (what I really do not want to...)

Is the D90 that much heavier with the same lens than the D3100? Will I notice the difference between the two in pulling my neck/shoulder if I take it for a whole day trip with me?

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