How would you set your camera for an Autumn Japan visit?

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Re: How would you set your camera for an Autumn Japan visit?

Ear Mountain wrote:

If you shoot in RAW format you save all the original sensor data from your camera. Using DPP when you get home you can then change the Picture Style (or "pallet" as you call it) and see which one works best for you. You can also modify the Picture Styles some by changing saturation, sharpening, etc. again at home. If you then find that one Picture Style with some modifications works best for most of your photos you can save that set of settings as a Recipe and apply it to every photo you took.


I just tried fiddling with RAW at home a bit and realised the difference in editing options from pre-rendered jpeg. Changing brightness on RAW definitely achieved a better effect than when I did it on the jpeg equivalent image (shot in RAW+L)

I guess that just means I'll have to buy a larger SD card AND bring my laptop to transfer photos each day. (unless I buy a horrendous amount of SD cards...)

I have a question though... the windows image viewer program that comes with all Windows computers.. it seems to render the images differently to how DPP renders it. If I open the same images, one using Windows program and one using DPP they are rather different. And if I fiddle with an image on DPP then convert into jpeg, the Windows program renders it quite different to how I edited it in DPP. Is there a way around this? Because while I'd print some images out, a lot of times I'm just viewing it on my computer..

I've tried uploading a sample difference, the left was from DPP and right was from Windows photo viewer program, both were side by side when I took a screengrab of it. Although the image is slightly worse as a result of the screengrab, the difference in quality between the two are still evident!

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