A55: AVCHD vs MP4 - which one is better?

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Re: A55: AVCHD vs MP4 - which one is better?

Steph69 wrote:

Well AVCHD is actually better quality video, But its compressed, so when you play or edit it (decompress) it is highly CPU intensive so more work is needed.

If you are remotely serious about editing the Video you would in Ideal circumstances need to create a intermediate file (AVI or mov in a lossless format) to get the best qualitly with easy CPU compatability.

This is where all the new adopters to SLR video complain as they have no idea whats involed in even the most basic AVCHD editing. I have been into Video Editing for over 10 years and i use an 8 core PC with 16GB ram with dedicated Raid drives just for the temp files and it still takes time.

My brother just bought a NEX5 and cant understand why his 6year old Sony Laptop stutters playing back the footage.

Read up and create intermediates for less stress on everyone.

if i may add on a note...

firstly i agree with you completely ...AVHCD is still a pain to edit ..i have tries the premiere and sony vegas and though they can handle it its just not sitting nicely on my machine...( 4 cores ..not 8 ) .

but i will say something about it...i have something called bluray ripper so i use it to convert my m2ts files from my hd camera (sony xr 520 hd ) to mp4 ones..

now the thing you need to see is that basically m2ts the avc and mp4 are all top quality formats..thing is avc are more compressed ones..not to mention m2ts that i can't simply play with out sound lagging on my computer.

so i use bluray ripper to change it to mp4..( really easy ) just select the settings and walla...its about 100% more space ( mp4 vs m2ts ) but even my slow laptop can play it now .
go with the mp4...sadly home computers still deal with it much better .

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