Hiking with a Pen in Lapland

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Lasse Eisele
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Re: Sorry, poor wording

Chez Wimpy wrote:

Lasse Eisele wrote:

The size is just fine. But the poor user interface, the poor responsiveness and the lack of a viewfinder makes the camera feel more like a toy than a tool to me.

You might consider picking up a G1 or GH1 series camera for your trip next year. I used my G1 in place of my "heavy gear" this year in Okinawa (mostly the 14-45, but occasionally the 45-200, and the 20/1.7 at night) and it exceeded my expectations. Simply put, I don't think it held back the quality of the final images... and the small weight of the gear made a lot of difference in when / where I was prepared to shoot. If I am not shooting sports, responsiveness is right there with my DSLRs. I would love to try the 9-18 (makes the most sense to me as a fourth lens to my kit), and your choice of hiking locations looks fantastic. Great work BTW, I just wish I could join you!

Thanks! And yes, I will likely buy a camera with an EVF. Possibly a used G1 or even a new GH2. Unfortunately there are no stores in the vicinity where I can try them out.


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