First DSLR - Multiple options and analysis paralysis

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Re: First DSLR - Multiple options and analysis paralysis

TheGingerNinja wrote:

Is the 60D or D7000 too much of a stretch for a beginner to true SLRs?

It's a tough choice - get something simple to learn with in the beginning, or get something fancy in case you want those features in the future? I tend to think you're better off starting simple and getting something better when you know what you really want (and that later camera will be generally more advanced as well). Also, a good external flash will do much more for you than a flasher camera. Following those principles, you might be better off with a 550D and a nice flash rather than a 60D.

I also think you're better off buying the camera that you like the most to use, rather than the one with the best feature list or lab performance. I chose Canon over Nikon because the 450D felt good to hold and I could get it to do what I wanted quicker and easier than the D40 - it just worked better in my hands and for the way I shoot. That will matter a lot more to someone in your position than 7% less noise or an extra frame per second. So... handle all the candidates and see which is most simpatico.

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