Are thes as good as FF?

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Re: Are thes as good as FF?

400 dollar difference is not going to be $0 no matter what country you go to.

One cheap prime doesn't make them all cheap. Also cheap doesn't mean good quality glass. I will say the in body stabilization is definitely a plus if it works well. (I am not saying it does or doesn't)

I have held a couple Pentax cameras, and prefer nikons ergonomics. The d7000 is very easy and comfortable to hold.

The dual slots are very nice. Allows you to back up your photos. We all know that memory cards fail no matter what camera you use, and aren't always recoverable. If Pentax cameras where a lot better then nikon's or canons i'm sure they would start to sell more..

Better high iso performance says you, i have yet to see a direct comparison. You can't compare random pictures of different subjects and different lenses, and different settings.

Rumors... are just rumors, doesn't mean they will happen.

We don't know how the D7000's weather sealing holds up, so you really can't compare that yet... and what camera doesn't work at cold temps? I have read up on winter photography and the only failure i have seen due to cold is condensation problems which is easy to fix, or battery problems which is also easy to fix.

White balance doesn't matter if you shoot in raw anyway. It can also be adjusted to your liking in camera with several options and ways to adjust it.

How is what debruyne wrote harassment ? I would like to know.

He is right. If we wanted that camera.. we would be reading and posting in the Pentax forum. His post was just to get attention and to start a flaming thread. This is the Nikon forum section after all..

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