A single prime as walkaround?

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Re: Macro?

cokes wrote:

Why is a macro preferred over a non-macro lens for street photography? Is it because it provides much finer details?


paulfromwales wrote:

I find 70mm too much, 50mm a little too much, 28-30ish just fine and 20mm too little.
A 50mm Sigma Macro, would be a really good compromise.

Part of the reason I went for the 60mm f2.8 macro rather than a 50mm f1.4 was the fact that I shoot a lot of closer stuff and found that in the short space of time I had a 50mm f1.8 that the close focussing distance was nowhere near as good as I would have liked (compared to the 30mm f2 which is excellent)

For use in street photography and other general use there is no benefit whatsoever in having a macro lens unless you are constantly finding yourself shooting in close and bumping into the minimum focal distance, and in fact going for a lens like the 60mm macro over a 50mm loses you quite a bit in aperture, just it was a tradeoff I felt was worth it for my shooting.

I would hazard a guess that other people shooting with a macro lens outwith the macro realm are using a macro for the same reasons - not that they give any benefit for street or any other subject more than a meter away, but that they also let you shoot macro at other points.

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