420EX Light assist in creative mode

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Re: Chuck Westfall info


I missed that little detail when going through the manual! Thanks for the info, and you have a great middle name!



Dan Phillips wrote:

Here's some info on the assist light, quoted from Canon's Chuck

"The AF Assist light on EX speedlights (and the ST-E2) is
controlled by the AF mode.

"When you're using any of the "Creative Zone" shooting modes
(Manual, P, Tv, or Av), the light is only emitted when the AF mode
is set to One Shot AF.

"When using Full Auto mode, the light is emitted when the AF mode
is set to AI Focus.

"The AF Assist beam is not emitted when the camera is set for AI
Servo or manual focus."


"As I noted in one of my earlier replies, the D30 must be set to
One-Shot AF in order to fire an AF assist beam of any kind. AF
assist is not available in either AI Servo or manual focus. The D30
is consistent with all other EOS cameras past and present in this
context. Since AF detection is always running in AI Servo AF, the
AF assist beam would never shut off and that would be annoying,

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