D 7000 AF speed with non AF-S lenses

Started Oct 15, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: D 7000 AF speed with non AF-S lenses

Thanks for the replies!

Yes, I ve seen that nikonrumors posts... we are not buying anything for the next 3-4 months atleast, and I 'll also check NR for news. If released, we may also wait for that.

TH 80 400 VR is reputed to be a slow focusing lens, I suppose because larger and heavier elements has to be moved by body AF motor...

Holmes375 wrote:

The 80-400 VR is noticeably better on the D300 bodies as compared to the D90 bodies in terms of AF speed. More power and torque coming from the larger body/battery. I would not expect the D7000 to improve on the D90 in this area but it would be nice to be wrong on this point.

That is exactly what I was hoping for, (D7000 AF speed> D90) and I'll be looking out for reviews and feedback on this.

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