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Re: New Nikon Coolpix S8100 - AF in Movie Mode

I hate to say it but I have the same findings as Robear777 in regards to video focus. The first video I took was with the camera's default Single AF mode. The scene was across the river where there were 4 canada geese. In between myself and geese was a gentle section of fast water no rapid just a moderate ripple. From a wide angle zooming in the result was bad to put it gently. In this mode you are to zoom first and focus on the subject and keep it there so going from wide to narrow I didn't expect great results but it was not even close to acceptable. Second I did as the mode intended and zoomed first, focused and started recording. It held for a few moments and seemed to then pick up on the water again and focus was lost and could not be regained. I then moved to AF Full time mode and tried that. It was a little better but going form wide to full zoom and back the focus was lost and not recoverable. I tried this scenario in a controlled scenario inside the house as well and it did not improve the performance one bit. I would zoom from one end of the range to other end and when coming back to start the focus would be lost and would not be regained without restarting video. Also the zoom motor and AF noise is picked up by the microphone and is quite noticeable. It does say in that manual that this would be the case but it is a bit excessive to me. Photographically this camera is a blast to use and because of that I hate to say that it fails with video. But Robear777 has confirmed my belief that the video is not acceptable. I did test in 720p as well with the same results.

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