A single prime as walkaround?

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Re: I often use the 35 f2

I'm glad this thread came up. Being a new t2i owner, I'm looking for my first prime. I really enjoy natural light photography, so a prime is important. L series stuff is off the table, since I'm just a casual photographer (although I already lust after it... haha). I was all ready to get the nifty fifty, but then I really tried using my kit lens at 50 for a while. That is just too tight for most situations I'll use I think. I like taking party pics (bars, restaurants, houses, etc) and after testing for a bit at 50mm, that is just too close.

I think I've decided on the Canon 28/1.8. I've done a ton of reading and tossing between it and the Sigma 30/1.4, but honestly almost all of the photos I've seen from the Sigma look soft to me. In addition, I very well may upgrade to a bigger sensor camera at some point, since I'm enjoying this t2i so much. I just think something in that length would be the most appropriate on a crop for casual shooting and giving me some decent low-light performance (even without flash).

The only thing is I see the 35/2 mentioned a lot. Is it worth considering? I really want fast and precise focus. The 28/1.8 I assume would be better at that. This is mainly the lens I want to use like you would normally use a P&S... parties and whatnot.


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