Dpreview a55 test images and ghosting

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Bruce Oudekerk
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Ranting about ranking:)

Roland111 wrote:

Such image flaws make camera's ranking difficult, while it has new exiting technologies,

As you point out, the problem isn't in the review...it’s in the ranking.

Now that we have an ever increasing and excessively divergent new technologies present in our cameras, it is ludicrous to try to give a numerical ranking to the totality of any single model. Features like GPS geotaging, auto stitching, face recognition, auto HDR and video, both with and without sophisticated autofocus, make it impossible to compare and contrast cameras by these rankings. For example…for me… adding points for video without full autofocus is insane. Non-autofocus video, from a practical standpoint, is virtually worthless to the vast majority of everyday mom and pop photographers. And yet many cameras have been seriously downgraded for lack of any video…but the advent of very good autofocus has not merited similar point addition. I’m not slinging arrows at dpreview…it’s the whole rating process that is intrinsically flawed not how they view the individual implementation. Car magazines have been doing this for decades with even more bizarre results. They often give a ‘winner’ of one ‘shoot out’ or another where arbitrary sub-ratings totally sway the outcome…sometimes these sub-rating have NOTHING to do with the overall subject of the competition. Dpreview has been accused of being pro Canikon. They aren’t… and the excellent reviews themselves prove this. What they can be validly accused of is that they are biased on their feature set rankings…which they obviously are and are proud of it. It’s their prerogative to have favored features…not that I need to particularly care or rank them thus.

More on topic is the obvious flaw in the system regarding when new feature sets come along that instantly make all previous numerical rankings instantly obsolete. Should geotaging be one of these, landmark before and after, ranking feature sets? Should non auto focus video have be one of these landmarks? I don’t know or actually care…but I hate to see the rankings fluctuate so on a relatively short term basis.

As a former teacher in the States, I am further irritated by the similarity of our omnipresent scholastic grading system. The connotation is that a 70 is 5 points away from failure. Hardly warranting a silver star... Regardless, as more and more feature sets are being included in our cameras, I believe these ratings will become increasingly meaningless or at the very least, increasingly difficult to utilize.

End of Rant


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