A single prime as walkaround?

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Re: A single prime as walkaround?

"back when i shot canon" (boy i've been starting off a lot of my posts with that, lately...) i used a 28mm f/1.8 USM as my main walkaround lens. i owned a 50 II but i rarely used it.the 28 was my go-to lens. i loved the focal length, i felt it was perfect for everything. a lot of my pictures are what i call "bar pictures" --- pictures of me and my friends drinking and being stupid. at a bar, BBQing, tailgating at a baseball game, or street festivals like mardi gras. this focal length is GREAT for that (my only advice --- if you are going to designate a "bar lens" get a UV filter for it!)

i can see the benefits to going with 50mm instead of 28-30. some people will say it's too long. and it is long. BUT that tighter framing will get you more dramatic photos in general. narrow-er DOF at 50mm means more impact with subject isolation.

if 50mm fits your style i say go for it. plus, at a cost of $100 what is there to lose?

i also used to own a sigma 20mm f/1.8 EX. this was an ... odd ... lens. it took stunning photos, but it was so large and heavy that i avoided bringing my camera with me. it was prohibitive. i traded it for the canon 28mm and suddenly i was free to take my camera wherever i wanted because it was so small and compact (especially before i traded my rebel XT for a 20D)

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