K-7 owners, what K10D aspect do you miss ?

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Re: K-7 owners, what K10D aspect do you miss ?

GordonBGood wrote:

Walt, the Anti Aliasing (AA) filter should have nothing to do with actual sensor noise, as all it does is filter the detail level of the light that manages to make it through to the sensor. I think that what you are likely seeing if you are comparing K10D raw developed images with K-7 raw developed images with the identical raw parameters is the difference I noted in the dark shadow noise, especially if the output of the raw conversion is quite "flat" so that the noise in the shadows is easier to see.

Gordon, I think I've accidentally misled you, I was talking about the earlier parts of this thread and the overall rendition at lower ISO, such as the one from Peter Fang, rather than noise. I had used the 'clean' in that respect rather than clean with regards to noise.

Pete Fang wrote:

I miss the clean ISO 100 images produced by the K10D's 10MP CCD sensor. The NuCore 22-bit analog to digital converter used by the K10D (and not used in subsequent models) seems to contribute in producing some nice color rendition and smooth total gradation.

Later models surpassed the K10D in terms of dynamic range and high ISO noise control, but I can't seem to quite reproduce the clean ISO 100 and beautiful color since I sold the K10D and bought the K20D.

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