Pentax K-x with Pentax A 70-210 lens

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Re: Pentax K-x with Pentax A 70-210 lens

Coldamus wrote:

photogerald wrote:

How do you set the exposure in aperture priority mode with manual lenses? I thought it was only possible to meter with manual lenses in manual mode, using the green button? Thanks.

That is true for totally manual lenses. However all A series lenses such as the A70-210/f4 being discussed here have automatic aperture control when the aperture ring is set to A (automatic). Therefore they can be used in Av, Tv or any of the program or scene modes just like a modern lens.

Oh right! Duh! I'm not sure what I was thinking there, as I have this exact lens (though it hasn't gotten much use lately).

A couple of examples with it:

I really liked the shot of the cactus

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