A single prime as walkaround?

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Re: A single prime as walkaround; thats what was used.

I often go out with the 35mm f2 as my only lens - an equivalent to the traditional fast 50mm lens for a crop sensor camera.

I find it helps to change your approach and focus our eye when out and about - it limits you to only the single focal length, which makes it much easier to imagine your photo before looking through the viewfinder, so it narrows down your options and lets you look at your surroundings more accurately without the option of variable focal lengths cluttering your mind. At the same time it also limits you and forces you to be more creative - you cannot just pick a spot to stand in and zoom to fit your subject, instead you have to work around the problem of working out the correct distance to put yourself to fill the viewfinder and be more creative in your angles and composition.

I will also have to say I wouldn't want to shoot a standard prime the whole time, as I love the options available with other lenses, but they do force you into a different method of working, which will then improve your work the rest of the time when you make the effort to consider factors like how focal length affects perspective, and finding the best angle and composition.

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