D7000: First Impressions...

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D7000: First Impressions...

No, unfortunately I do not have any pics for display, although I have taken some. When I try to upload to my gallery here I get a message saying "Quota Reached" even though I've deleted every single photo that I had in my gallery. Given the # of people that have the camera now I'm sure photos will be flying everywhere soon.

Here are just some things that I've noticed in the 60 minutes or so from having it:

  • Definitely a hefty little bugger. I used to own the D90/300s and this slots in between both as far as weight/heft are concerned.

  • Has a nice solid feel to it. Even though the size/layout is roughly the same as the D90 it definitely feels more D300s like.

  • Talk about responsive. There is no hesitation whatsoever with this camera. AF is very fast. It is at least as fast as D300s (if not faster). Please do not flame me for saying that. This is just my opinion.

  • The viewfinder is very nice!!. Those coming from a D90 will be very happy with the view.

  • AWB performance is okay. However, I think the D3100 does a better job of AWB but this impression may change as I get used to the D7000.

  • IQ is good. I'm amazed that shooting shots @ 1600 is nothing much to worry about anymore for DX users. Still waiting to do some more tests/comparison but it looks really promising at this point.

  • The Battery compartment now has a "latch" which will prevent the battery from falling out when changing it.

  • The Memory Card door has a nice/tight fit to it. And, more importantly to me, it does not "creak as it did with my D300s. That actually bothered me a lot with the D300s b/c the rest of the body is so solid that the "creaking" CF door seemed to "cheapen" it a bit.

More experiences to come from myself, and others no doubt. This is a great year to be a Nikonian!!

Flat view
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