85mm F/1.4D vs 85mm F/1.4G

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Re: 85mm F/1.4D vs 85mm F/1.4G

huyzer wrote:
Hello ralphcramdon,

If you don't mind, would you provide a link to the other head-to-head comparisons? I would really appreciate it.

Take care,

ralphcramdon wrote:

Ron Heijman wrote:

sorry but i do not see much difference, i have the AF 85 mm F/1.4D tto but i would not upgrade now i see this. thank You fot posting

same here

and i have said this for every head to head comparison i have seen

the g looks like the same great lens w/ AFS for more money

i don't have the links handy

go to nikoncafe.com and chk the lens lust forum, a few guys have done side by sides of the same scene

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