Panasonic did not want to give the 18mp sensor to Olympus?

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Re: I think is was available to Oly

rovingtim wrote:

I think Oly's problem was cost to volume rather than supply. If they had been assured of shifting a million E5's, it would have been cost-effective to develop a faster, higher resolution, high spec camera. But they know they lost the pro market. As they say, they are only selling to existing e-system users.

That creates a problem with amortizing the cost of development. They had to keep the costs down or the E5 would have been Leica expensive so that only the most rabid Oly fanboy could have afforded one.

They were between a rock and a hard place and actually, all things considered, they probably did a very good job with the E5..

However, I am very critical of them for arriving at this place in the first place. I don't know which professionals they were talking to that made them change the E1 to a E3, but I would like to shoot the lot of them and the Oly people listening to them.

Idiots, the bunch of them.

My thoughts also, except for the E1-E3 part, for me it was a necessary progression.

When Olympus made the statement in late 2008 that 12mp was enough, they had already started development on the E-5, and needed a base sensor to fine tune that particular sensor to the new True Pic VI processor. Oly's recent statement that it took almost three years to work out the algorithms for the TP VI, made sense as to why they did not include the relatively new 18mp sensor in the E-5, (which BTW is alright by me).

As for the two 'low level' representatives that gave the statement of not allowing Olympus to have the 18mp sensor, may have been in part only an an opinion and a little bit of posturing for Panasonic, and did not reflect the actual upper corporate decision made by Olympus.

We shall soon see the actual IQ differences between the 18mp and 12mp sensors.

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